NRS221 Lifestage Considerations the Older Person

This assessment task requires you to watch a video of a conversation between Aged Services Emergency Team (ASET) Nurse, Robyn, and an older man, Max. This assessment task challenges you to use your critical thinking skills, knowledge of normal ageing changes, patterns of health, social interaction and illness in the older person. It requires you to take a holistic view of the older client and the effective ways to work with an older person to optimise health. For this assignment we are looking to promote understanding of comprehensive aged care assessment including: (1) Pain and pain assessment in an older person; (2) Poly pharmacy and medication review; (3)Person centred care and; (4) Health coaching. Most importantly, we are looking for you to apply these concepts to the needs of an older man, Max. You will critique the ASET Nurse’s assessment of Max as she prepares him for discharge from the Emergency Department of a rural hospital. Max is returning home after readmission for post-operative complications following a knee replacement. The conversation you will need to evaluate for this assessment task is found in the Interact2 site in the Assessment 2 Resources. Watch the video recording of the conversation with Max at least once and respond to the following discussion points and questions using current evidence and references to support your critique and suggestions.
Question 1: Pain and Pain assessment in the older person Max mentioned he had some pain during his post operative period. Discuss the impact pain can have on an older person and identify and discuss one evidenced based nursing related assessment tool suitable to use to identify the presence and intensity of pain in an older person. Question 2: Polypharmacy and Medication Review Max shares that his wife takes care of his medications. Further discussions with Max, identify that he takes more than five (5) medications a day. Define the term “polypharmacy” and suggest how it is a risk factor for the older person. In addition, select two (2) prescribed medications from Max’s list and provide their actions, contraindications relevant to Max and any patient education the Nurse should discuss with Max and his wife (Max’s medication list can be found in the assessment 2 resources located on the NRS 221 Interact2 page).
Question 3: Person centred care Part of the ASET Nurse’s role is to ensure a person centred care approach is used when communicating with the older adult. Critique the ASET Nurse’s use of effective (and/or active) listening in her conversation with Max. Include in your response the techniques used by the ASET Nurse to effectively collect the required information to assist in her decision making processes to ensure appropriate services were arranged for Max prior to his discharge. .
Question 4: Health Coaching In the video on the Subject I2 site, Max reveals some of his health concerns such as depression, osteoarthritis, and medications. Identify the principles of health coaching and evaluate the ASET Nurse’s use of these principles and discuss to what extent is it effective in supporting Max to make changes to his own lifestyle?
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