NURBN3032 Transitioning to Nursing Practise

In this task, students are required to demonstrate critical analysis of factors that influence student transition to beginning level professional nursing practise by undertaking a review of the literature on the issues related to the theory to practice gap and the importance for nurses to be lifelong learners. The assessment is designed to demonstrate an understanding of the subject matter, literature search and review skills, academic writing and critical analysis abilities.In the essay, students MUST address the following points related to the contemporary transitional factor in this paper using current literature and nursing Standards, Codes and guidelines as evidence:•INTRODUCTION- Describe the contemporary transitional factor that can impact new graduate nurses; •ANALYSIS – Discuss and analyse why the theory to practice gap occurs in relation to new graduate nurses;•RECOMMENDATIONS – Discuss and analyse why it is important for nurses to be lifelong learners and how this should be addressed (by both healthcare organisations and the individual nurse) – include in your response the impact lifelong learning has on the quality of nursing and delivery of patient care
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