NURS2004 Health Assessment|Readers Attention

Introduction:Providea brief introduction explaining the content of this reportand the scope of the discussion. Introductions are designed to capture the reader’sattention and outline the content of the report succinctly. 2.Consider the Cues:After considering the patient scenario, discuss the observations that are of most concern to you, and how they differ from normal. Identify and discussother types of assessment that you shouldconductto provide you with more information and provide your reasons for whyyou have chosen them.3.Processinformation :You suspect that Brian may have a Venous Thromboembolism (VTE). Using highquality evidence from the literature,discuss the pathophysiology of this disease and the potential outcomes and complications that could occur for this patientif the problem is leftuntreated.Review the Australian Clinical Standards for VTE prevention and discuss how VTE risk is assessed, and prevented foran inpatient in a QLD or NSW facilities. 4.Nursing Action: You are required to report your findings to the orthopaedic surgeon during Brian’s visit. Discuss the importance of both verbal and written communication when escalating patient deterioration, the evidencebased methods you can use to communicate and the QLD or NSW policy guidelines that guide your communication.5.ConclusionSummarise your reportsuccinctly describing all the main findings to the reader.6.Reference List(not included in the word count)Your assignment will also have a reference list at the end. Ensure all references that appear in the Case Study reportare listed in your reference list
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