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Plagiarismispresentingsomebodyelse’sworkasyourown.Ifplagiarismisfoundtohaveoccurred,itwillbedealtwithaccordingtotheproceduressetdownbyLSBFExecutiveEducation.PleaseseeyourDelegateHandbookfor furtherdetailsofwhatis/ isnotplagiarism. Assignment Regulations This coursework must be submitted on or before midnight on 10thAugust2021.Delegates are required to submit their financial models as Excel files or files from other spreadsheet programmes saved as Excel compatible files (i.e. using the .xls or .xlsx format)You are required to submit your assignment electronically on MyPage.The Academic Director retains the right to consider granting an extension under extraordinary circumstances. However, under normal circumstances, delegates are responsible for adhering to all deadlines concerning their studies and it is the delegate’s responsibility to make sure that they are aware of these deadlines. Remember, your tutor will not be able to authorise extensions for you.General guidelines for submission of assignment:All modelling work must be submitted as an Excel or Excel compatible file (i.e. filename.xlsor filename.xlsx format) with your own student number and name as part of the filename (e.g. Pi2answer–A1234567–JohnBull.xlsx).Each workbook page must be setup to print landscape reports with appropriate scaling and well placed page breaks so that each printed page shows a reasonable amount of information of the same type and that the calculations printed on each page occupy between 50% and 100% of the available space.Font size in the range of 10 to 36 points distributed to including the title page, main headings on all separate workbook pages, section headings, calculation descriptions and the calculated or input numbers. Preferred typeface to be of a common standard such as Arial or Calibri for the main text.


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