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The major project provides an opportunity for students to research an organisation or industry and apply visual management tools to a problem within the chosen organisation or industry.  This project is in line with RMIT’s work integrated learning principles. Students will be required to research an organisation or industry that is experiencing a problem or missing a business opportunity.  The project proposals will be produced by individuals who will subsequently form groups and utilise visual management and project management tools to undertake the research and provide a feasible solution for the organisation.  A representative from the organisation may be asked to attend the final presentation.  Relevant industries for research include manufacturing, logistics, marketing and education. The major project is made up of three sections – An individual project proposal, a group critical analysis and a group presentation and final report. TASKSAssessment 2 Section 1 – Project Proposal 25% (Due Week 8) Individual students are required to develop a feasible Project Proposal after identifying an issue or problem in your chosen organisation or industry. Generally at least five (5) high quality articles which are relevant to your issue/problem are expected to be synthesized in a literature review style.


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