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Research Proposal  Assignment 2My Assignment one was on Literature Review on the same topic. I have attached together with the assignment two. The assignment two is the same topic but researching on the gap, which is focusing on non-English speaker and how play enhances their language (literacy). This is not an actual research to be conducted but the lecturer wants it as if I am going to conduct the research and write according to the report sections (title, table of content, abstract, introduction, literature review and rationalae, aim, method data analysis, results, discussion, reference and appendices). For result and discussion please make up the results/outcome. All survey and questionaaire or consent you are to do and write and put under the heading appendices.See sections of report on page 2, 3  and 4 on how to write the format and feedbackAssignment 2 is a proposal for a research project including a topic research question and the aims of the proposed inquiry project, and potential outcomes and impacts from the project that may influence or inform your professional practice. It should also include a brief summary of the literature review and rationale for the study which can be summarised as an introduction to the report.Research ProposalBased on the reviewed literatures regarding the impact of play on the literacy learning of children, it can be indicated that a research inquiry is required. The research will focus on the learning capacity of the non-English speakers at the early age and how play enhances their English language learning. The researcher will carry out a survey on this research to see whether there is a co-dependence of play and learning in terms of supporting non-English speaker as well as using children’s fund of knowledge to help children in the development of preschool related skills such as language and literacy.  


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