TO0401 Capstone Course|Communication

Topic: 1.Students choose a topic related to the Travel and Tourism sector (see list below) and must be approved by the Professor by Week 5.2.Research and define the impact of COVID-19 on your approved topic(a travel and tourism related company).3.Perform an environmental scan, a complete SWOT analysis of the industry during the COVID-19 crisisas it relates to your topic. (consider using March 15, 2020as a benchmark date for thisresearch) CAPSTONE PROJECTCourse Code: TTP10124.Discuss the importance of communication during a crisis, and then perform a critical analysis of the communication practices followed by thechosen company during theCOVID-5.Provide some specific safety guidelines that you would recommend the company to follow after re-opening of the travel and tourismsector. Explain the reason/ logic behind every guideline.6.Provide recommendations for the affected company/product/service to survive/sustain or leverage during this cr
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