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Project Title : ________Torsional flexibility in RC frame structures: presence of cores___________________ A brief description of the project with clearly defined aims and objectives and what is to be achieved both practically and academically with particular emphasis on the originality and research challenge. The study investigates effects of irregularities in plan on the seismic performance of reinforced concrete (RC) buildings due to torsional flexibility. The student will perform static and dynamic seismic analysis in a structural engineering software. The study will consist of the following steps: 1)state of art of the past research studies on the topic 2) modelling of several buildings, 3) different analysis approaches of the case-studies under seismic actions. Project Deliverables When completing this section, please ensure that clear indications are given of what you expect from the student to successfully complete the project. Two or three deliverables are required. Assessments are not deliverables and should not be included here. If ethics approval is required, this should be one of the deliverables. The student will produce nonlinear structural models in OpenSees of several buildings. The main assumptions/features of the model will be described in a design/modelling report.The student will write a MATLAB code to apply statistical approaches.The results of the analysis will be compared by using EXCEL worksheet and word tables and documents Supervisor’s Name, signature & date : __MARIANNA ERCOLINO 05/03/2021 Student name, signature & date:____Anvesh Emmadi______________________________ E.Anvesh________03/03/2021_ Student Programme ____Msc Civil engineering with industrial practice____________________ Student email: [email protected]________________


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