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You will create a Workplace Communications Policy **USE the template provided.Your completed policy will be a minimum of 2-3 pages long. TASK OUTLINE: Develop a workplace communication policy. The policy is to cover and describe the mechanisms that will be used for internal communications. Your policy must be in your own words and must include a list of references that you have used in the development of the document.   The policy should include the following minimum information:   Title; Purpose and Scope  Outline of consultations that would have occurredCommunication strategies for communicating with staff – type, purpose and frequency. You should include at least four strategies Feedback process – ways in which staff can contribute to workplace issuesRespect within the workplace (identify EEO and Inclusivity here!)Privacy expectationsApplication and review of policyrelated procedures/policies etc What do I need in order to complete this assessment? Access to a computer and resources assigned in the task.Use POLICY TEMPLATE to complete your assessment.DO NOT FORGET THE COVER SHEET please. When is the task due? SUNDAY 11th JULY 2021


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