BEHS 103 Technology in Contemporary Society

Question 1 The Digital Divide You can used the link to answer the question Does the existence of a digital divide violate the Declaration of Human Rights? If so, which articles do you think are violated? Should the Internet be a right? Defend your position. What are the costs and benefits associated with your position? What policies or laws might be affected by your position? Is it possible to close the digital divide? Defend your position. How might technology be used to close the divide?  Question 2 Copyright versus creativity 1) Briefly describe your understanding of copyright, fair use, and creative commons. How do these terms relate to one another? 2) You have a blog that has become very popular with friends and strangers. They tell you that you are a great storyteller and a fantastic photographer and should write a book of your adventures.  You decide to self-publish a book of the stories and pictures you documented on your last trip and hope to make a little money from this venture. The book will be available in electronic form, so your pictures will be easy to “borrow” online. Would you apply for a copyright, a Creative Commons copyright, or no copyright at all? What is your reasoning?
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