COMP6770 Management of IT Systems and Projects- students an opportunity to resea


The aim of this project is to provide the practical experience of working through the complete life cycle of an imaginary project on Personal Health Management System (PHMS). This project will also give students an opportunity to research and exercise various project management methods.


The Personal Health Management System (PHMS) is a three-year project which intends to design, research and produce a personal support system for (1) receiving and storing various test results, reports from GP and specialists, reports of hospital discharge, drug taken lists etc; (2) monitoring health trajectory and predicting trend. 
This project is complex as it involves putting an innovative use of relatively new technologies especially big data analytics into the existing systems with a need to integrate with various applications across various agencies, e.g., hospital, GP, specialists, dentists.
The PHMS aims to provide a comprehensive support for individual health care with a single point of access to all the health related information which otherwise is scattered in various systems/places without the ability of providing an overall picture of individual’s health. The project is also responsive to the need for change in order to meet different department needs, different platforms and to meet various standards. 
Therefore, the main functionalities that PHMS system provides will include the following:
1. Collect and store various data (text, images, etc) from health agencies
2. Monitor and trace individual’s health related activities;
3. Analyse the trajectory and predict the trend based on various models;
4. Provide different interfaces with different systems as required.

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