HEALT1113 Communication For Health Professionals- demonstrate intrapersonal awar


Learning outcomes 

The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:
1. Identify effective communication strategies and techniques, including technology that can be used in and across health professions

2. Discuss the enablers and barriers to effective communication and how it impacts our interaction with others

3. Develop self-awareness about personal communication strengths and weaknesses

4. Develop empathetic questioning and active listening skills to break down barriers to effective communication

5. Demonstrate effective academic skills, oral and written communication skills appropriate for health professionals

6. Use active listening techniques and effective questioning skills to enhance understanding and show empathy in interpersonal and therapeutic interactions 


This assessment comprises two parts – an essay and an oral presentation. Students will independently write an essay. Students will reflect on what they believe is effective communication for health professionals and demonstrate intrapersonal awareness of their own communication skills.

In addition, students will create a video presentation of 10 minutes using Kaltura. In the video, students will demonstrate effective communication skills and use PowerPoint slides to present a succinct summary of their essay.

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