MGT 6681 Summative Essay|Organization

Summative Essay: Organization Development and Change This course’s summative essay is an extension of the application essay. To extend your previous essay, you should perform two operations: Improve and refine your writing in your application essay. Use the instructor’s feedback for additional guidance when it arrives. If you need to replace sources, you should be able to do so without having to change your written content appreciably. Add sections as noted below. While you await the instructor’s feedback, you should nevertheless be able to proceed with the sections noted below. Be sure to cite Kotter (1995), but note that it is a non-qualifying article for purpose of counting your required sources. Prior sections. From the application essay, you should already have: (a) title page and executive summary; (b) introduction; (c) analysis; (d) formulation. The analysis should include three parts: (a) strategic analysis; (b) diagnostic model; and (c) structural dilemmas. New sections: Implementation. Use Kotter’s (1995) eight-step model. Describe what you would like to do, or have the organization do, in each step, to address your stated problem. Include these subsections: Implementation plan. A discussion of each of Kotter’s eight steps, as noted above. Communication plan. Describe a plan for managing communication to accompany the change process, using the guidance provided in Palmer et al. (2017). Evaluation. To the extent possible, describe: (a) who collects the data; (b) what measures you will use; (c) what deadlines you will expect; and (d) who receives the results. Create a table for the appendix to summarize this section. Conclusion. Restate what you have sought to do in the essay, recap what you have done, and briefly discuss selected implications for organizational functioning. Standards for This Essay: See the posted APA-styled sample paper. , from the introduction to the end of the concluding section, excluding quoted or parenthetical content. In the interest of demonstrating thought rather than merely the ability to find lists of items, please relegate all tables, images, and bulleted or numbered lists consisting of fragments to the appendices, as these devices will not count toward the required length, but will incur a penalty if found in the body. The length does, however, include your previously Cite at least the textbook and six qualifying sources based on the criteria listed in the syllabus (purple section—very important; please follow the rules very closely). Your six qualifying sources include any sources in your application essay that were also qualifying (hence only one more qualifying source, if you met the standard in the prior essay). To amend your essay (before the deadline), type “AMENDED SUBMISSION” above the title on the title page in the new version.
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