MGT601 Dynamic Leadership|Leadership Journey

Your task in Assessment 1 Part B is to reflect on you own leadership journey up until now, your current role or position, how you influence others, how you lead, contribute to or react to organisational and cultural changes and your current level of self-awareness and self confidence to lead others in your organisation and/or community. 1. A clear logic flow, using a “Contents” page and section headings, will help your readers to follow your thinking. 2. The use of an “Executive Summary” as a précis or abstract of your report. 3. An “Introduction” to set the context • Summarise the results of two other personality or leadership style inventories that you have completed, and your interpretation of the results. Are they basically aligned with the results from Gallup? Identify and explain any variances you identify. (15%) • Explain the process of giving and receiving constructive feedback with a peer, and the outcomes and the of that activity. (15%) • The implications of the feedback and your reflection on its significance. It could include your preliminary thinking on how you might use these insights in future, to be expanded in your second submission. (25%) • Links to theory and conceptual frameworks discussed specifically in the topics in this subject that relate to your experiences and feedback. This is to happen throughout the report and be consistent with the topic areas of this subject. The important point is that you anchor your submission with appropriate models or theories that have been presented in this subject as a minimum. (20%) 5. A “Conclusion” to capture your key learnings is desirable in a business subject. Detailed, supporting information such as psychometric results and planning templates should be placed in an appendix, where they will not be included in the word count.
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