MKTG2431 Marketing|Development Dyson’s V11 Torque

As a member of Dyson’s new product team you participated in the development and marketing of Dyson’s V11 TorqueDrive Vacuum $899.99 – the company’s latest entry into the vacuum world.Go to Dyson’s website at Review the product information about their V11 Torque Drive Vacuum.You will need to do some research on the Internet to gather additional information about the organization.1. Consider the product factors that influence the rate of adoption and diffusion of innovation. For each of the fivefactors, explain how that factor might affect the speed of the adoption of the V11 Torque Drive Vacuum. Explain howeach factor will increase or decrease the rate of adoption. (10 points)2. Identify five other non-product-related factors that might influence the rate of diffusion of innovation. Draw from yourown experience on what influenced you to buy or not to buy a new product. (5 points)3. Then make five marketing recommendations to the Dyson’s team manager that will speed the adoption of the newproduct now that it has been introduced. These might relate to personal factors, sociocultural factors, organizationalfactors, or other factors outside of the control of marketers.
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