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Company Name : ENIGMAPerformance ReportMarket ShareHere is your market share report for the last quarter which shows you how well you did ingenerating demand across the three segments compared to your competitors.This report is designed to provide an overview of the market share gained, measured in thenumber of units demanded, and does not necessarily indicate how well each business did infulfilling all orders or generating a healthy profit. In Quarter 1 all team started with equal marketshare in all segments, so as you progress through the quarters you will be able to track yourperformance in your key segments and regions.Here is a summary chart for the total market share position of each team across the threesegments. Hover over each element of the chart to view more details.Here is a more detailed market share report showing the market share achieved across the threesegments and four regions. Hover over each element of the chart to view more details.Sales ReportBelow is a set of reports showing the performance across the three businesssegments.The charts below show the number of sales orders received from a regional andsegment perspective for the previous quarter. The values shown are in number of unitsand reflect the total demand generated and not the net fulfilled sales – as it is possiblethat you may not have fulfilled all orders if you did not have enough product stockavailable. For a more detailed view of your orders received and fulfilled please see theSupply Chain Report. Segment Profit & Loss StatementsEach P&L is designed to illustrate the contribution each segment is making financially to thebusiness. You will notice that there are no central overheads or administration costs listed in these P&L’s.These are covered in the main Income Statement of the business.Review the reports below to gauge the contribution of each segment and how it develops over thequarters. CabinPLRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Sales67,452,30062,114,85071,645,86074,283,50081,987,04583,537,508Cost ofsales38,807,55741,040,16949,115,52452,219,72057,996,63258,144,119Grossprofit28,644,74321,074,68122,530,33622,063,78023,990,41325,393,389R & D3,000,0002,500,0002,050,0003,900,0002,400,0003,200,000Sellingexpenses2,426,9002,286,0752,282,6253,142,5623,785,6883,543,938Marketing795,000700,000772,000833,000863,000863,000Inventoryholdingcosts180,887056,176000Segmentprofit22,422,84315,588,60617,425,71114,188,21816,941,72617,786,452 HoldallPLRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Sales25,559,40025,995,72027,752,79031,759,46933,390,85632,366,563Cost ofsales12,140,71512,835,38713,470,77715,772,27816,020,24516,121,513Grossprofit13,418,68513,160,33314,282,01315,987,19117,370,61116,245,050R & D1,500,0001,000,0001,300,0001,500,0001,500,0002,200,000 HoldallPLRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Sellingexpenses844,9001,062,5001,236,3751,855,8752,666,5002,635,562Marketing400,000390,000400,000400,000445,000445,000Inventoryholdingcosts05,570002,4210Segmentprofit10,673,78510,707,83311,345,63812,231,31612,759,11110,964,487 BriefcasePLRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Sales54,110,26051,885,16253,818,03661,864,09659,144,21859,162,880Cost ofsales23,835,91225,175,35722,278,61229,542,24427,330,35227,338,976Gross profit30,274,34826,709,80531,539,42432,321,85231,813,86631,823,904R & D2,600,0002,820,0003,200,0003,145,0002,950,0003,800,000Sellingexpenses1,927,7251,701,8001,763,5002,278,2503,272,7503,576,625Marketing795,000655,000759,000839,000899,000960,000Inventoryholdingcosts27,5880147,45092,143124,22688,282Segmentprofit24,951,62321,533,00525,816,92426,059,60224,692,11623,487,279 Supply Chain ReportHere is a summary of your Supply Chain report, which shows the totals for the number of units orderedand supplied during the previous quarter.The report shows how many units the customers ordered within each segment and also how many unitswere available to be shipped to the customers. If you did not have enough inventory available to meetdemand, you will see the total number of units you were unable to supply under the ‘Stock outs’ column. Ifyou produced too many units, you can see how much inventory you are holding in stock under the‘Inventory’ column.Review your results to see if there are any surprises here. Did you produce enough to meet demand ordid you over produce any of your products and have excess inventory sitting in the warehouse absorbinglarge amounts of working capital? When you work through your supply chain decisions later, you maywant to discuss how you can achieve the optimum balance for your business and customers.Production ProductivityThe chart below show the productivity of your production staff for the previous quarter. A more productiveworkforce will allow your production facilities to handle more volume within an existing facility. Theirproductivity can be increased through effective training but remember that time away from the productionline can result in lower production volumes – so you will need to strike the right balance. .Maximum Effective CapacityAs the productivity can affect the maximum volumes produced in each line you may not be able toproduce the maximum volumes each production line is designed for. The chart below shows the priorquarters maximum effective capacity, for each line, based on the maximum capacity multiplied by yourproductivity. Income StatementHere is your latest Income Statement showing the financial performance of your business for the previousquarter.Review the statement below and consider how your sales, expenses and profits have developed. Inparticular, you may wish to analyse how sales have grown and whether your expenses have developed ata similar or slower rate. Ideally, you should be aiming to use the statement to track your income andexpenses closely over the four quarters and aim to achieve a Net Income margin of around 15%.For an explanation of each line simply hover over the text. IncomeStatementRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Sales147,121,960139,995,732153,216,686167,907,065174,522,119175,066,951Cost of Sales74,798,18479,063,41284,881,91398,381,492100,770,479101,028,358Gross Profit72,323,77660,932,32068,334,77369,525,57373,751,64074,038,593SellingExpenses5,199,5255,050,3755,282,5007,276,6889,724,9389,756,125MarketingExpenses1,990,0001,745,0001,931,0002,422,0002,207,0002,268,000InventoryHolding Costs208,4755,570203,62592,143126,64688,282Depreciation2,689,4742,699,7702,668,1102,686,0272,710,3712,734,310AdminExpenses23,984,62224,103,94924,223,27524,342,60224,461,92824,581,255Research &Development7,100,0006,320,0006,550,0008,545,0006,850,0009,200,000TotalOperatingExpenses115,970,279118,988,076125,740,423143,745,952146,851,363149,656,330 IncomeStatementRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6OperatingIncome31,151,68121,007,65627,476,26324,161,11327,670,75625,410,621InterestExpense Net812,827822,733869,577921,483973,3891,025,295Income BeforeTaxes30,338,85420,184,92326,606,68623,239,63026,697,36724,385,326Income Taxes8,798,2685,853,6287,715,9396,739,4937,742,2377,071,744Other Income000000Other Expense000000Net Income21,540,58614,331,29518,890,74716,500,13718,955,13117,313,581 Additional InsightsThe Costs of Sales total shown on the company Income Statement also includes the total Depreciationcosts for the property assets of the company. This means that there will be a difference in the sum of the3 business segment Costs of Sales and the total shown in the company Income Statement.Depreciation is the value allocated to the write down of the value of Property, Plant & Equipment (PPE).The effective write down period for all PPE within this scenario is 15 years (60 quarters). Depreciation, foreach quarter, is calculated by dividing the total PPE (on the Balance Sheet)by 60.The Costs of Sales is driven by the cost of the products you are manufacturing and these are influencedby the features & components you are selecting for each of your products.The Gross Profit Margin of the business is typically around 48%. To calculate your Gross Profit Marginsimply divide your Gross Profit by your Sales.The Gross Profit Margin can be increased by raising the price or by reducing the cost to produce yourproducts, however it is a fine balancing act as you may lose customers if you raise price or reduce thefeatures of your products.Balance SheetHere is your current Balance Sheet for your business.This shows how your asset and liabilities have developed over the previous quarter. Some of the areasthat might have changed more noticeably are typically the levels of inventory and cash. This can be as aresult of getting the balance wrong between the level of demand and the volume of production, whichresults in inventory moving up or down. Plus, as a result, this also effects the current cash position,especially if the inventory is sitting in the warehouse as it is now.For an explanation of each line simply hover over the text. BalanceSheetRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Cash &Equivalents59,677,12170,125,47074,480,39985,842,37494,833,150106,420,921AccountsReceivable48,550,24746,198,59250,561,50655,409,33157,592,29957,772,094Inventories4,169,493111,3904,072,5083,685,73 45,065,8583,531,284Property,Plant &Equipment162,636,763160,729,493161,808,883163,275,355164,717,485166,135,674OtherAssets256,932,079256,932,079256,932,079256,932,079256,932,079256,932,079TotalAssets531,965,703534,097,024547,855,376565,144,874579,140,871590,792,052AccountsPayable24,683,40126,090,92628,011,03132,465,89233,254,25833,339,358OtherCurrentLiabilities83,376,19483,376,19483,376,19483,376,19483,376,19483,376,194TotalCurrentLiabilities108,059,595109,467,120111,387,225115,842,086116,630,452116,715,552Long TermDebt50,026,13550,818,63554,566,13558,718,63562,871,13567,023,635EmergencyLoan000000 BalanceSheetRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6OtherLiabilities58,717,41358,717,41358,717,41358,717,41358,717,41358,717,413Equity315,162,560315,093,855323,184,603331,866,740340,921,871348,335,452TotalLiabilities& Equity531,965,703534,097,024547,855,376565,144,874579,140,871590,792,052 Cash FlowHere is the latest Cash Flow statement for your business.The Cash Flow statement will help you understand the movement of cash in and out of the business overthe last quarter. Compare the statement with last quarter’s Cash Flow statement and notice any majorchanges that you and your team members may like to explore further.Ideally, you should see your ending cash position improve gradually over the coming quarters. If yourcash position weakens, then you should look into what has caused this and set a plan to rectify it before itbecomes a serious issue. You can improve your cash position by keeping an eye on the profits you aregenerating along with how well you are managing items such as your inventory and investments (forexample, new factory expansion).For an explanation of each line simply hover over the text. CashFlowRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6NetIncome21,540,58614,331,29518,890,74716,500,13718,955,13117,313,581Depreciation &Amortization2,689,4742,699,7702,668,1102,686,0272,710,3712,734,310ChangesinAccountsReceivable-72,8362,351,655–4,362,915–4,847,825–2,182,968-179,795 CashFlowRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6ChangesinInventories-712,3364,058,103–3,961,118386,774–1,380,1241,534,574ChangesinAccountsPayable35,3231,407,5251,920,1054,454,861788,36685,100Other –Net000000Net CashProvidedbyOperatingActivities23,480,21124,848,35015,154,92919,179,97518,890,77521,487,771PurchasesofProperty,Plant &Equipment–3,309,750-792,500–3,747,500–4,152,500–4,152,500–4,152,500OtherInvestmentActivities000000Net CashUsedInvestingActivities–3,309,750-792,500–3,747,500–4,152,500–4,152,500–4,152,500Change inDebt3,309,750792,5003,747,5004,152,50 04,152,5004,152,500OtherFinancingActivities–10,800,000–14,400,000–10,800,000–7,818,000–9,900,000–9,900,000Net CashUsedFinancingActivities–7,490,250–13,607,500–7,052,500–3,665,500–5,747,500–5,747,500NetIncrease(Decrease)in Cash12,680,21110,448,3504,354,92911,361,9758,990,77511,587,771 CashFlowRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Cash atBeginningof Quarter46,996,90959,677,12170,125,47074,480,39985,842,37494,833,150Emergency Loan000000Cash atEnd ofQuarter59,677,12170,125,47074,480,39985,842,37494,833,150106,420,921 The chart above shows the average weekly share pice for your, and your competitors, share for theprevious quarter. To view more detail please move your cursor over each value marker.Share Performance Data TableThe table below shows key performance data on your companies shares as of the end of the previousquarter. Share DataPerformanceMarket Cap1,597,500,000Number of Shares90,000,000 Share DataPerformanceEPS – Qtr0.19PE Ratio23.07Quartely Dividend0.11Annual Dividend Yield2.48%Payout Ratio57.18% Market Cap = Number of shares x current share priceNumber of shares = total number of shares currently in issueEPS- Qtr = Earnings per share for the quarter, calculated by dividing net income by number of sharesPE Ratio = Price earnings ratio, calculated by dividing share price by earnings per shareQuarterly Dividend = The dividend per share you paid your shareholders for the quarterAnnual Dividend Yield = The equivalent annual percentage yield shareholders received on the value oftheir sharesPayout Ratio = The percentage of your net income which was paid out to shareholders in the form ofdividendsManagement ShareholdingIn addition, as the management team of the business, you hold 250,000 shares between you. The chartbelow shows the value of the management shareholding as of the end of each quarter. As a reminder thevalue of your teams shareholding, when you were hired, was $5,000,000. Shareholder ReportThe shareholder report shows a summary of how well you are doing in satisfying the key requirements ofthe main shareholders. Your shareholders are looking to ensure their investment is in safe hands and willexperience a level of growth and income that exceeds the market average. As well as getting a goodreturn for their investment they also want to have the confidence that the business is being led by acapable and credible executive team. This means they also pay attention to other factors such as howyou work as a team and how well you execute on your chosen strategy.The report below shows how well you are performing against their key criteria. It is important to note thatyour performance against these criteria will directly affect your share price as demand for your companiesshare will increase if you do a good job in delivering the performance the shareholders are looking for. CriteriaScoreForward Guidance70.00%Management Team70.00%Dividend Rate66.67%Brand Positioning83.47%Market Performance46.25% Forward GuidanceThis measure your ability to accurately forecast & declare the commercial performance of the businessover the coming quarter. The more accurately you can forecast the more confidence the investors willhave in your ability to present a true picture of what they can expect in the way of growth and profitability.This is calculated by comparing your Business Targets (Revenue and Profit) with your actual SalesRevenue and Profit for a given quarter. Please note that this score can be affected by both over andunder forecasting your performance.Management TeamThis measure is based on how well you work as a management team. It uses the score which thefacilitator (and Investors – where applicable) has rated your team under the Leadership Score element ofthe Balanced Scorecard.Dividend RateThis measures the level of dividend you have paid out to the shareholders and compares it to the level atwhich they desire for this industry. Their desired level for this industry is estimated to be $0.16 per shareby Quarter 4.Brand PositioningThis measures how well you are positioning your business within your market segments. Yourshareholders like to see that a company is kept in the public spotlight as this helps maintain a gooddemand and market for your shares. This score is taken from your average Brand Awareness score fromthe three segments.Market PerformanceThis measures your ability to achieve strong market share performance in your top two target segments.It helps the shareholders to gauge how effective the team is in executing its market strategy.It is calculated by comparing the market share you achieve in your top two priority segments with theexpected market share for the number of businesses in the market. For example if there are 5competitors in the market the expected market share would be set at 20%. You can review and set yourtarget segments under the Your Strategy section.ScorecardThe overall objective of your business, within this simulation scenario, is to achieve the highest score on a‘balanced scorecard’. The scores of all teams taking part will be visible and will allow you to benchmarkyour performance as we progress through the 4 rounds.The balanced scorecard is designed to provide a summary of the overall business performance for agiven period. As well as measuring the current profitability of the business it also looks at the health of thebrand, products, people and internal efficiency.The scorecard contains key elements which drive the Total score for your team. These elements will bedescribed in more detail within the simulation and you will also receive your first set of scorecard scoresat the start of Q2 when they have been produced from your Q1 results.The core elements of the scorecard include measures of financial, product, brand, HR, leadership andinvestment in the future performance. An explanation of each element can be found below under yourcurrent scorecard. ScorecardScoreShare Price17.75Investment in the Future78.83%Products86.50%Brand83.47%Human Resources97.60%Leadership70.00%Total59.13 Share PriceThis is your share price as of the end of the prior quarter.The share price is driven by a number of factors and a fuller shareholder report can be viewed underFinance section from Q2 onwards.Investment in the futureThis measures the level of R&D investment your business is making in relation to your total SalesRevenue, and then compares it to a target R&D investment rate of 6.6%Formula = R&D Investment / Total Sales Revenue (both values are taken from your full IncomeStatement) this is then divided by 6.6%ProductsThis measures your average Product Rating scores across the three segments.Formula = Average of Product Rating for Cabin, Holdall and BriefcaseBrandThis measures your average Brand Awareness scores across the three segments.Formula = Average of Brand Awareness for Cabin, Holdall and BriefcaseHuman Resources (HR)This measures the average employee capability score and satisfaction across the whole business.Formula = Average of salespeople satisfaction on compensation package, salespeople capability andproduction staff productivity.LeadershipThis measure is used on sessions where you are being observed & graded. If you are on an un-observedsession then this value will remain at 70% throughout each round.This measure relates to the quality of leadership of your team which the facilitator has observed. Thecriteria for the leadership score used can be obtained from your facilitator.Formula = A facilitator entered score of between 0% and 100%TotalThe total scorecard score is calculated by multiplying your share price by the average of all of the otherelements, this value is then multiplied by 4 in order to provide a target score of 100.Data CenterThe Data Center presents your performance reports in a format which is easy to copy and paste intoExcel for your own use and analysis.All data shown below is also shown in your normal reports within the simulation. There is no need toanalyse the data below, it is for exporting purposes only.If after pasting the data into Excel you have some ‘$’ signs in the values, simply select the cells and clickon ‘Find & Replace’ to find ‘$’ and replace with blank (leave replace field empty.)Number of Units Demand (Ordered by customers) – Previous Quarter DemandUnitsCabin346,666Holdall248,440Briefcase136,320 Number of Stock Outs (Lost sales due to low stock) – Previous Quarter Stock OutsUnitsCabin11,174Holdall1,367Briefcase0 Number of Units Sold (Net sold & delivered units) – Previous Quarter Units SoldUnitsCabin335,492Holdall247,073Briefcase136,320 Cabin Income Statement – Previous Quarter Cabin$Sales83,537,508Cost of sales58,144,119Gross profit25,393,389R & D3,200,000Selling expenses3,543,938Marketing863,000Inventory holding costs0Segment profit17,786,452 Holdall Income Statement – Previous Quarter Holdall$Sales32,366,563 Holdall$Cost of sales16,121,513Gross profit16,245,050R & D2,200,000Selling expenses2,635,562Marketing445,000Inventory holding costs0Segment profit10,964,487 Briefcase Income Statement – Previous Quarter Briefcase$Sales59,162,880Cost of sales27,338,976Gross profit31,823,904R & D3,800,000Selling expenses3,576,625Marketing960,000Inventory holding costs88,282Segment profit23,487,279 Total Income Statement – Previous Quarter Income Statement$Sales175,066,951Cost of Sales101,028,358Gross Profit74,038,593Selling Expenses9,756,125Marketing Expenses2,268,000Inventory Holding Costs88,282Depreciation2,734,310Admin Expenses24,581,255Research & Development9,200,000Total Operating Expenses149,656,330Operating Income25,410,621Interest Expense Net1,025,295Income Before Taxes24,385,326Income Taxes7,071,744Other Income0Other Expense0Net Income17,313,581 Total Balance Sheet – Previous Quarter Balance Sheet$Cash & Equivalents106,420,921Accounts Receivable57,772,094Inventories3,531,284Property, Plant & Equipment166,135,674Other Assets256,932,079Total Assets590,792,052Accounts Payable33,339,358Other Current Liabilities83,376,194Total Current Liabilities116,715,552Long Term Debt67,023,635Emergency Loan0Other Liabilities58,717,413Equity348,335,452Total Liabilities & Equity590,792,052 Total Cash Flow Statement – Previous Quarter Cash Flow$Net Income17,313,581Depreciation & Amortization2,734,310Changes in Accounts Receivable-179,795 Cash Flow$Changes in Inventories1,534,574Changes in Accounts Payable85,100Other – Net0Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities21,487,771Purchases of Property, Plant & Equipment-4,152,500Other Investment Activities0Net Cash Used Investing Activities-4,152,500Change in Debt4,152,500Other Financing Activities-9,900,000Net Cash Used Financing Activities-5,747,500Net Increase (Decrease) in Cash11,587,771Cash at Beginning of Quarter94,833,150Emergency Loan0Cash at End of Quarter106,420,921 Competitor report Price ScoreThis chart shows the Product Rating scores for competitors in your markets for the prior quarter.The Price Score shows how satisfied the customers are with the price of each product. They not onlymake a judgement based on the actual price charged but also on how aligned the price is with theproduct itself. Therefore, if you have a highly rated product and charge the same price as a competitor,who has a lower rated product, you will achieve a higher price rating, as your product is seen as bettervalue.The scores are shown in percentages and will not exceed 100%. If a customer believes your prices aretoo cheap they will simply say they are happy with the price and rate it at 100%. If a customer believesyour prices are too high for the product you are offering, they will rate it below 100%. If the price score ismuch lower than a competitors it can start to affect the overall demand for your products.Income Statements Team38: ENIGMATravelersChoiceLockwoodLuggageColumbusSales175,066,951145,849,085164,893,586141,611,592Cost of Sales101,028,35875,421,09691,154,12483,782,478Gross Profit74,038,59370,427,98973,739,46257,829,114Selling Expenses9,756,1257,088,9387,849,5318,726,250MarketingExpenses2,268,0002,480,7702,912,7252,804,587Inventory HoldingCosts88,28239,37187,4860Depreciation2,734,3102,576,2782,738,4872,675,993Admin Expenses24,581,25524,581,25524,581,25524,581,255Research &Development9,200,0005,300,0007,700,0004,700,000Total OperatingExpenses149,656,330117,487,707137,023,609127,270,563Operating Income25,410,62128,361,37827,869,97714,341,029Interest ExpenseNet1,025,295861,1921,021,274930,861Income BeforeTaxes24,385,32627,500,18626,848,70413,410,168Income Taxes7,071,7447,975,0547,786,1243,888,949Other Income0000Other Expense0000Net Income17,313,58119,525,13219,062,5809,521,219 ScorecardsHere is a breakdown of the scorecard scores for all teams taking part in this session. As well as seeingthe total scores for each team you can also see how well they are doing in each of the components of thescorecard score. SharePriceInvestment in theFutureProductsBrandHumanResourcesLeadershipTotalTeam 1:TravelBuddy19.9871.08%93.36%86.68 %86.71%70.00%65.19Team 2:Lusso Ltd2.7682.89%86.53%87.99 %97.55%70.00%9.38Team 3:Carry-On21.9682.14%89.43%90.99 %99.19%70.00%75.85Team 4:EmotionalBaggage16.0275.63%82.09%82.45 %69.62%70.00%48.67Team 6:Baggy’s14.4121.25%90.64%76.51 %99.08%70.00%41.21Team 7: GSInc.9.5476.37%85.80%84.91 %99.21%70.00%31.77Team 8:sharepin23.0575.42%95.09%93.31 %95.86%70.00%79.23Team 9:Lug18.8299.27%82.53%69.98 %93.64%70.00%62.54Team 10:The King19.2446.67%74.77%89.21 %90.52%70.00%57.13Team 11:TravelBag17.8771.75%90.44%83.10 %87.91%70.00%57.64Team 12:WorldTraveller23.3068.36%83.22%93.79 %99.37%70.00%77.31Team 13:SteelCougar24.4075.76%91.00%85.64 %86.75%70.00%79.87Team 14:PRIDE18.8447.98%85.78%68.47 %87.13%70.00%54.16Team 16:Wheels10.8577.08%91.92%83.62 %87.30%70.00%35.58 SharePriceInvestment in theFutureProductsBrandHumanResourcesLeadershipTotalTeam 17:Monte Rosa14.8098.57%93.33%74.92 %99.37%70.00%51.64Team 18:ON THEWAY19.1264.84%85.09%79.44 %93.47%70.00%60.09Team 19:GangnamSmartCase20.0283.71%85.80%89.04 %95.51%70.00%67.92Team 20:Leopard24.2341.71%83.07%84.66 %99.14%70.00%73.38Team 21:OPENCASE6.9585.31%97.67%80.89%97.85%70.00%24.00Team 22:Everest19.1340.87%75.83%80.56 %51.67%70.00%48.81Team 23:A2S215.3248.54%84.53%85.57 %98.80%70.00%47.48Team 24:EasyCarrying19.5637.15%77.57%77.76 %89.89%70.00%55.14Team 25:WorldTravellers16.6559.07%93.96%83.02 %92.05%70.00%53.03Team 26:TheAvengers12.2193.98%92.00%80.00 %99.08%70.00%42.50Team 27:HopeStar18.9355.98%79.38%93.48 %42.49%70.00%51.69Team 28:Saleswell19.1175.78%77.89%92.02 %90.52%70.00%62.10Team 29:Elephant15.0564.22%91.69%84.17 %91.51%70.00%48.35Team 30:ON-HAND7.1979.83%91.67%86.13 %90.60%70.00%24.06Team 31:GO-TO17.38100.00%89.50%89.30 %82.82%70.00%60.01Team 32:Wanto25.8272.98%78.92%86.33 %99.09%70.00%84.14 SharePriceInvestment in theFutureProductsBrandHumanResourcesLeadershipTotalTeam 33:Dream3321.1554.02%90.19%88.00 %89.89%70.00%66.34Team 34:Bug12.1661.86%86.82%77.65 %99.09%70.00%38.47Team 35:Thumbs20.0779.06%96.64%96.57 %99.36%70.00%70.91Team 36:Best16.7165.92%94.08%84.25 %92.50%70.00%54.37Team 37:AdVenturebags15.7252.52%72.53%85.52 %81.72%70.00%45.56Team 38:ENIGMA17.7578.83%86.50%83.47 %97.60%70.00%59.13Team 39:BritishTouring16.8741.49%78.54%79.40 %60.89%70.00%44.58Team 40:THE BAGA18.2963.18%93.20%82.29 %84.99%70.00%57.60Team 41:YYDS13.2370.21%93.50%71.44 %98.34%70.00%42.70Team 42:Rabie’sarmy26.7879.67%92.50%77.87 %98.29%70.00%89.62Team 43:Unicorn18.6639.64%83.42%84.65 %87.34%70.00%54.50


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