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Referencing Styles : Harvard SECTION A 1.1 Provide a short definition of international marketing. (5) 1.2 Thatelo and Hadji (2014) identify several international business activities that are pertinent for international marketing to succeed. Briefly describe any three (3) business activities that define international marketing as a form of international communication. (12) 1.3 What are the main challenges or problems of global advertising? State any two. (4) 1.4 According to Wigston (2014), there are several factors that may give rise to media imperialism. Briefly state and describe any three (3) of these factors in a short essay. (6) [25] COM3705/101 31 SECTION B 2.1 Why do people migrate? State any six reasons of why people migrate from one country to another and provide a real life scenario or example of each reason that you have mentioned. (3×6=18 & essay conclusion 5 = 23) [TOTAL 50] SECTION C You are hypothetically employed at a media corporation (choose which one: CNN, eNCA, SABC International, Reuters News Agency, Al Jazeera TV, Russia Television, Xinhua News Agency, ANN7, BBC International, Bloomberg or any other company you like or wish to be working for. See SOME MEDIA companies in Figures 10 and 11. You have a role as a management executive who has recently graduated in international communication; you are quickly entrusted to develop an informative portfolio report detailing all possible news agencies in which your company or organization can source foreign news for the press, television and online news. In this portfolio report, advise on selection processes and factors influencing media coverage of specific international news items (both contextual and news related) and the current global news flow patterns. Your portfolio report must include description and/or explanations of the following aspects or issues: 3.1 Company profile (who owns the company and how does the company report international news). (5 +5 = 10) 3.2 Patterns of international news flow in the organization. (10) 3.3 Factors influencing international flow of news (gate keeping and news selection). (10) 3.4 Outline and give a thorough discussion of the major global news agencies working with this company. (10) 3.5 State how language and translation thereof affects news production and reporting in this company. (10) (Section C Sub-total = 50 marks) Sections A, B & C TOTAL Marks = 100 Guidelines or advice on how to approach the questions or what to read: In your theoretical discussion you could briefly pay attention to the following: ï‚· Patterns of international news flow in the company under discussion. ï‚· Factors affecting international news flow (learning unit 4). ï‚· The role of global and national news agencies in the international flow of news (learning units 2 and 4). ï‚· The potential consequences of the current patterns of international news flow (learning unit 4). ï‚· Conduct research about media report international news in general. For example, you can read articles such as this one by Machin and Niblock (2010), which explores how Bloomberg reports global business news. You may use news from TV, online media or publications or newspapers and also hard copy newspapers – just for example. It is important that you choose a newspaper printed on a day that falls in the semester for which you are registered. Please indicate clearly in your assignment on which day the paper appeared and which newspaper you analysed. Very important: Include extracts from or copies of the most prominent reports you analysed in an addendum – if available. It is not necessary to include all the reports you analysed.  


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