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Required Reading Begin this assignment by reading the following excerpt from a news article. The excerpt speaks to leadership and ethics at Facebook. There are links within the article that you may find interesting, including links to other news articles from different sources.Facebook Leadership and Ethics case.pdf After reading the news articles, synthesize ethical considerations and leadership theory associated with activities at Facebook. Draft a short position paper (an introduction, conclusion, and one paragraph for each of the points below) in which you consider the following questions:• Ethical Stages: What stage of ethical development (as per your assigned textbook reading) appears to be dominant in Facebook executives? What evidence from the articles supports your position? • Stakeholders (textbook Exhibit 2-7): Choose two stakeholder groups from the exhibit and identify any differences they might have with respect to a business decision made by Facebook managers/leaders. Begin this paragraph by identifying the business decision you will discuss.• Practical Solutions: If you were part of the management Learn charged with building an ethical culture at Faceboowhat might be some of the practices would you put into place? Your response should focus on considerations from treadings inchapters two and sixYou-may use additional sources to support your position and statements. Your written response should not exceed two to-three double-spaced pages. Use the rubric below as a guide for completing this assignment: Case 1 Bombardier Rubric (1) cover letter assign , clocx _ , PE ER.P,r1V,–fa’07t.’y


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