What are your favourite lessons | My Assignment Tutor

-3—NO QuestionnaireYes/AlwaysMostlySometimesNo/Never1 Are you happy in the classroom? 2 Do you learn new things?3 7Do you think you have . improved? Do you get choice when ou have finished work? Do you think you have of better at playing? Do you think you have got better at making friends? Do you think your behaviour has improved? What are your favourite lessons? a, A-5 Sc:ve”What do you think you have improved most? L eo-c-^ . 1N4.ND 1,2-‘‘4..cs 10.0.‘ciAdsWhat activities do you like doing in class?SCADOZVe•r3 ?k id; kANArm;”5, Dressl.ti Lir cVk otIs there something you found really hard but now find much easier?14, irk.tirs G. col What other activities would you like to have in class? 0.3 .What would you like to do more of at school? re.) e‘V- 0.3


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