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School of Psychology andComputer ScienceUCLan Coursework Assessment Brief2020 – 2021Module Title: Games Concepts Module Code: CO1301Level 4Portfolio ReassessmentThis assessment isworth 90% of theoverall module markTHE BRIEF/INSTRUCTIONSYou are expected to produce a portfolio made up of three games (technically two games and a game scene).The portfolio makes up 90% of your overall module mark and the individual games are worth: Game 1 – 10%,Game 2 – 40% and Game 3 – 40%. The final submission date is on 02/08/2021, and all three games shouldbe submitted by this date. Details on how submissions should be made are provided in the sections thatfollow.A specification in the form of a brief game design document is provided for each game and broken down intomilestones that represent different mark classifications.• Each game’s specification is the game’s design document, you should follow it to produce the game.• You should not diverge from the specifications provided for each game, doing so will result in loss ofmarks.• To be eligible for a mark within any classification, you must have at least attempted all the features for allthe previous classifications.• Therefore, you should implement the features described in each specification in the order they arepresented.• The specification is also the marking criteria.• Each game has an associated set of models which are available on blackboard.The games vary in their technical complexity, you are expected to develop the least complex first and the mostcomplex last.The learning outcomes assessed by this assessment are:• Describe key games concepts, e.g. genres, terminology.• Use a game engine to create simple computer game prototypes.• Apply mathematical techniques for analysis and reasoning about problemsRemember: this is an individual project and no group work is permitted.You should follow the following coding styles• Your code MUST be properly indented and laid out so that it is readable.• Brackets must line up (and should normally be on a line of their own).• Indentation must be consistent.• Appropriate use of white space should be made.• Over-long lines of code or comments should be split up• You should have no “magic numbers” but instead make proper use of constants.• Variable names must be meaningful.• Your code should be commented appropriately.• You should make use of enumerated types to control the states within the game where appropriate.• You should pay attention to the correct and appropriate use of data types.• Pass numeric data of the correct types into TL-Engine functions.• For Games 2 and 3:o Make proper use of arrays, with loops to process them e.g. for storing frogs in Game 2o Your collision detection algorithm should be implemented in a function declared outside themain function.The individual game specifications can be accessed from the links below:• Game 1 – Balls on a Board• Game 2 – Future Space Frogs• Game 3 – Desert Racer RELEASE DATES AND HAND IN DEADLINEAssessment Deadline Date and time: 02/08/21 23:59Please note that this is the final time you can submit – not the time to submit!SUBMISSION DETAILSSubmission is electronic, via Blackboard. You should submit a single zipped folder named “Portfolio_[FirstnameInitial][Lastname] (for example if I were to submit, my zipped folder will be named Portfolio_MZubair). The zippedfolder should have 3 folders inside named “Game1”, “Game2”, and “Game3”. Within each of these folders shouldbe the .cpp file associated with the particular game with your named added as a comment at the top of the file, afolder named “media” with all the models you used in the game, a short video demo of the game, and anyreport(s) requested by the game’s specification.You must also complete and add the cover sheet (separate document on Blackboard) to this finalsubmission.Note: You should not include the whole project folder for a game, only the .cpp file from the projectshould be included. If your game fails to compile when tested by the marker, your mark will be zero.HELP AND SUPPORT• If you are unclear about any part of the assessment, please ask for clarification from any of the module’stutors.• For support with using library resources, please contact our subject librarian Bob Frost[email protected] You will find links to lots of useful resources in the My Library tab on Blackboard.• If you have not yet made the university aware of any disability, specific learning difficulty, long-term health ormental health condition, please complete a Disclosure Form. The Inclusive Support team will then contact todiscuss reasonable adjustments and support relating to any disability. For more information, visit theInclusive Support site.• To access mental health and wellbeing support, please complete our online referral form. Alternatively, youcan email [email protected], call 01772 893020 or visit our UCLan Wellbeing Service pages for moreinformation.• If you have any other query or require further support you can contact The , The Student Informationand Support Centre. Speak with us for advice on accessing all the University services as well as theLibrary services. Whatever your query, our expert staff will be able to help and support you. For moreinformation, how to contact us and our opening hours visit the Student Information and Support Centre.• If you have any valid mitigating circumstances that mean you cannot meet an assessment submissiondeadline and you wish to request an extension, you will need to apply online prior to the deadline.Disclaimer: The information provided in this assessment brief is correct at time of publication. In the unlikelyevent that any changes are deemed necessary, they will be communicated clearly via e-mail and a newversion of this assessment brief will be circulated.Version: 1


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