CIS372 Systems Analysis and Design

Section 1. Background Describe precisely and briefly onwhatthe Masternet project was about. Why did BofA want to take up this project? •What was their approach in system development? How did it fail?Section 2. Case AnalysisYou should analyze the caseand apply what you have learned from CIS 372, especially the first 4 chapters, to explain why they failed.(No, DFD, UI, ERD won’tbe relevant here.)Based on your research, explain the followings:What were the right steps/processes/approachesthey adopted? Why do you think they wereappropriate for this project?What were the steps/processes/approaches eitherthey did not follow,or they followed but didn’tdo it right? Remember, the year was in 1986. Waterfall and Spiral process models were the two main process models people used to developsystem. Your answers and explanations can be based on nowadays, state-of-the-art system development process model and approachthat you have learned in this class
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