BAS51A Dimensions of Knowledge Society

Question 1  You should aim to type around 1 page in your response to address the question adequately. If you type more than 1 page, the part exceeding 1 page will not be assessed. Please type your answer in the space provided.   A supermarket store manager conducts a Market Basket Analysis (a statistical analysis of items that consumers tend to buy together) in order to find relationships between purchases. Having placed all items related to infant care together, to his surprise, the highest correlation for an item that tended to be bought at the same time  as diapers (in the newborn size and format) was a case of beer. This was unfolded later that it was the fathers of newborns who were sent to buy diapers and while they were there, they tended to pick up other items they considered equally essential – beer! Reflect on the above case, please answer the following questions: Define the concept of Data Mining.   
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