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2:36 pm flossing – my dentist says ‘you only need to brush and floss the teeth you want to keep!’ – Same her, you only need to correclty format the marks you want to keep!Into the content of your assessment: Please do not just recount Agile ‘facts’ – this is a Case Study – you need to review the different options and recommend the most appropriate option for Perun as a new Separate Innovation Unit (if you cannot remember what this means – Lab 1886 videos, watch them again). You need to back your recommendation with why you are advising the option that you are FOR PERUN. More hints and tips in Module 4.2.The 2500 word count is tight – for the very reason above – we do not need you to tell us everything that you know/learned about Agile – we need you to apply what you have learned to a particular Case which we have shared with you – how PERUN should use Agile for their Digital Dealership concept.


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