ACCG 8048 Business and Professional Ethics- people and cultures



1. Almost everyone agrees different people and cultures have different views about what is ethically right and wrong. Explain, using your own example (i.e. an example not covered in course lectures or the textbook) why disagreement about ethics does not in itself prove that there is no right answer to ethics questions.

2. In 2015, Apple refused a request from the US FBI to unlock an iPhone used by a terrorist. In 2021, it has just been revealed that this standoff only resolved when an Australian company called Azimuth Security cracked the iPhone encryption on the FBI’s behalf. 

3A. Explain the main difference between how a utilitarian decides what is ethical and how a Kantian / deontologist decides what is ethical. 

3B. Would utilitariansthink Azimuth Security was ethically right or wrong to break Apple’s security for the FBI? Give at least two reasons utilitarians would consider.

3C. Would a Kantian think Azimuth Security was ethically right or wrong break Apple’s security? Give at least two reasons a Kantian would consider.

4A. Explain the difference between contractual rights and ethical rights.

4B. Outline at least two rights or duties a Kantian might think HungaryPanda has in this case and at least two rights or duties workers might have.

4C. Briefly explain Kant’s categorical imperative. State whether you think HungryPanda’s treatment of Mr Yang in the case meets this imperative and explain why.

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