ECE6006 Early Childhood Curriculum and Pedagogy

To get started on your assessment task, please follow the below instructions. As you work through the sessions, document, document, document!You will document your activities, responses to readings, artistic explorations and material inquiries. Document your own explorations as if you would a child’s – observe yourself! This documentation will form the raw data for your journal. Decide on a concept, theme or idea (see list of examples in the ‘Details’ section above) that has emerged throughout your studies in this unit. Think about your journal as “An inquiry into…”that theme/concept/idea Refine your documentation from step 1 so that it relates to this concept. Write anintroduction that outlines your concept, how it connects to the unit material and how you will explore it. Artefacts:Consider your artefacts. These are your samples of the art you created and how you created it: Sketches, plans, drawings, paintings, sound recordings, video, photographs, aural documentation Notes about the materials, techniques and processes used The recommended number of artefacts is in the range of 4 – 8. For example, you may choose one thing from each session, or you may choose 3 things from one session and none from another, as they relate to your inquiry concept. Discussion:Discuss connections to early childhood education research and literature. Use the unit text (Encounters with Materials), other unit readings, the content and resources in the unit to support your discussion (and your own further research, if you wish (use the VU library to research). Implications for practice:Provide a description of a rich, multidisciplinary learning experience, using the language in the artefact and showing how your artistic learning and understanding of the readings can be reflected in an early childhood setting. Write a short conclusionthat ties everything together. Provide a reference list, (check your in-text citations!) in line with Harvard conventions.
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