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IMPORTANT NOTE: THE COLLEGE TAKES A SERIOUS VIEW ON ACADEM)C MISCONDUCT AND PLAGIARISM IN ANY FORM IS NOT ACCEPTABLEYou are to conduct full and proper research and express the findings or results of your academic research in the essay or report in your own words Plagiarism includes passing the work of others as your own Do not simply copy from books, the internet or other sources, without full acknowledgernent of the authors and source(s), and the appropriate use of quotation marks Student shall also use the Harvard Referencing system (r the alternative APA format) when citing or quoting lheir reference sourcesFurther, students are not to make their own work available to other students to copy, or for reference purposes. Similarly, students should not solicit or copy the work of other students Penalties are imposed for acts of plagiarism including failing of the module, nullifying all grades received and permanent Exhibition from enrolling into future modules Students may be expelled for the offence.Students can discuss problems and share ideas. Students should credit and give reference to authors (or originators) of original ideas and concepts. Students can thee apply the same in their assignments and solutions. The next pages provide detailed guidance on referencing. Should you need further assistance. ask your lecturer to explain plagiarism.You are deemed to have read this note on plagiarismHARVARD Referencing Guide (•or follow the APA format as the alternative)Remember that you must acknowledge your source every time you refer to someone else’s work. Failure to do so amounts to plagiarism, which is against the College rules and is a serious offence.When you are copying or downloading material, you must also ensure that you comply with copyright rules. When including third party material in theses and dissertations it is the responsibility of the individual to ensure the appropriate copyright permission has been obtained.The What & by of Harvard Referencing Unless you are doing creative writing, you will normally be required to research materials and use these sources from books, journals, videos, the internet etc. as evidence in backing up your argument. Therefore. referencing, or letting the reader know the source of your information. is a necessary and important part of academic writingReferencing a needed as a courtesy to those whose work you are using, to show Mat you are not trying to pass someone else’s work off as your own, and to enable ihe reader to trace your sourcesYou should reference others work whenever you draw on rt for inspiration, use rt as support for a theory or argument, or use it for particular examples Referencing is necessary, whether you take a direct quotation, or are simply paraphrasing or summarising someone else’s work Note, other referencing systems use superscript numbers to refer to footnotes but these can become overcomplicated as the number of footnotes rises, and the chance of misnumbering occurs, as such there use is not allowed on our courses unless specifically agreed in the context of an assignment. e.g. a ‘mock’ academic magazine article8


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