GSB004 Managing – Developing and Implementing Strategy

Task description

The objective of this assessment task is to demonstrate that you understand how to prepare a strategic plan after successfully completing an external and internal environmental analysis exercise to understand your organisation’s current situation, including whether it has been able to achieve its strategic and performance objectives. Assessment 2 builds on Assessment 1. Thus, the focal organisation for Assessment 2 should
be the same as that used for Assessment 1.

You are required to address the following:

1. Summarise what you have learned by analysing the external and internal environments, current strategy and recent performances for your organisation, and the implications of these findings as a result of completing Assessment 1. You should explain the significance of these findings and implications.

2. Assess whether the organisation/department/division/SBU has resources at its disposal that are performance differentiating or could improve the firm’s performance and competitiveness in the future. In other words, evaluate the internal resources using resource-based view principles as recommended in class and the set text. Discuss the gaps identified in the current strategy, etc. as is appropriate by conducting a gap analysis, including from a resource-based view. The body of your report should explain the most important aspects of your analysis and their implications. Details of the analysis should be placed in appendices.

3. Summarise the current strategy and where performance gaps exist or more opportunity related gaps exist, including as compared to competitors and in terms of customers’ and other stakeholders’ changing needs, and to what extent scope exists to address the gaps in the next iteration of the strategy. 

4. Conduct a SWOT analysis and/or integrated SWOT analysis or another suitable analysis with the view to identify suitable options for the future. Explain the strategic options available to the organisation/department/division/SBU. Explain which strategic option(s) could most benefit the organisation. Justify your arguments as to why one set of options should be considered the preferred option for going forward. Discuss what should be included in the next iteration of the strategy, and why.

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