HLSS310 Critical Infrastructure Protection Sectors


Determine the ones from your most recent two discussions that you did not discuss yet. You realize that out of the four lifeline critical infrastructures you only discussed two of them in the previous papers, so you decide to add the other two lifelines in this final paper. Since you have four critical infrastructures this time, determine which one of them you will use to discuss a physical attack, which one for a cyber event, one for a natural disaster, and for the remaining one pick any one of the three threats. River asked you again to keep the format the same as last times since they worked really good in explaining various aspects of the critical infrastructures. You determined to use the following outline for each of the four sections (plus the overarching requirements):
Description of a Hypothetical Threat (physical, cyber, or natural disaster) Brief background on the Critical Infrastructure as it relates to National Security Elaborate on the known Risks/Threats/Hazards/Vulnerabilities from the Hypothetical Threat Explain how damage to the from the Hypothetical Threat could impact the Dependencies/Interdependencies between critical infrastructure sectors Existing Resiliency related to Continuity of Operations Consider how to Minimize Disruption that improves First Responder Safet.
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