PUBH6006 Community Health and Disease Prevention- given public health emergency


Learning Outcomes
This assessment addresses the following learning outcomes:

1. Examine concept of health emergency preparedness and response

2. Analyse the health emergency plan in crisis situations.

3. Integrate health promotion theories and public health frameworks to into practice

4. Demonstrate clear and assertive communication across a range of settings and situations


Read the scenario of public health emergency provided by your lecturer and develop a report draw from your critical analysis and applying theory into practice. The scenario will be provided separately.

1. Use appropriate data and information to critically explain and analyse the given public health emergency.

2. Critical analysis an existing emergency response plan that have been implemented in the given scenario and identify the area that could be improved or changed.

3. Propose recommendations for improving the existing emergency response plan; or to developing future plan based on the given scenario. Discuss the potential stakeholders who should be involved in your recommended emergency response plan.

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