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Learning outcomes and assessment criteria specific to this assignment: Discuss the conceptual underpinning theories associated with relationship marketing.Apply relationship marketing models and concepts to analyse a specific organisation’s suitability for the adoption of relationship marketing approaches.100% Coursework. Students must achieve 40% or more to pass. Under the University Assessment Regulations (SUAR5) students have two opportunities to be assessed and to pass this module. If a student has not achieved a pass in this module after the resit, no further opportunities are available and the student will be withdraw from the course.This document sets out the assessment strategy for this module. The two intended learning outcomes of this module are assessed by this single assignment, an individual coursework item requiring you to produce a 3,000 word business report that provides an analysis and application of relationship marketing for a case study organisation. This assignment is worth 100% of the grade for this module. Details of the grade criteria are also provided in this document.In marking your work the assessor will take into account clarity of exposition and logic of arguments, effective arrangement and presentation and the use of concise and lucid English.


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