ACCG3055 Information Systems for Management

Writing a business report analysing an issue or problem and providing a recommendation/solution or conclusion demonstrates communication skills as well as critical, analytical and integrative thinking. Being able to communicate clearly in writing and reflect on what you have learned is a skill that is valuable for employers and your future. A current trend is the ‘right to disconnect’. The aim of this assessment task is to write a business report that investigates and analyses the issues relating to the right to disconnect (digital overload) from a business perspective by reading and analysing relevant scholarly articles, using contemporary examples and providing a personal reflection. Instructions 1. Read the article (available via the library): Savage R., Staunton M. (2018) How Employees Are Impacted. In: Thomson P., Johnson M., Devlin J. (eds) Conquering Digital Overload. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. Search for additional articles that will inform the following questions: a. Explain the concept of the right to disconnect. b. What are the benefits and limitations of disconnecting from email? c. How has the current situation with COVID-19 impacted Digital Overload? 2. Investigate one of the examples in the article. Search for scholarly articles. Evaluate the example (as a case study) you selected: a. What example did you use and why? b. Explain the details of the case including the company, the reason for disconnecting from email, progress and current status c. Will the organisation in the example you use be able to sustain the new policies? Explain your reasoning 3. Reflect on what the right to disconnect means for you personally and in the work place. Some resources can be found here on reflective writing: 4. Based on your reading, the case study and your reflection, what is the future of the right to disconnect concept? Report Requirements 1. Write a report that addresses the areas outlined above. The report should not exceed 2,500 words. This excludes the reference list, title page, table of contents and appendices – if applicable. The report should be in 12-point Font, single spaced in word processing software such as Microsoft Word. The report should have appropriate headings and subheadings (including an introduction and conclusion). 2. This report must use scholarly articles to support any claims you make. You must use the Harvard referencing style (see 3. Take advantage of resources available to you. See for additional help. 4. Review the marking rubric (via Turnitin) so that you understand how you will receive feedback.
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