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MAN6905 Databases and Business Intelligence Assignment 1 – Data Modelling Case Study CASE STUDY Your friend helps run an amateur motorbike racing club. The club arranges ‘race meets’ every month or so where the members meet at a certain venue and race bikes. Most racers are registered members but it is possible for member’s friends to come along and race in a particular race, but they pay a fee. The races are always on private venues so are legal – racing is not done on public roads. Racing ‘meets’ are arranged approximately once a month. Each meet is at a specific location. The club has about 10 locations that they regularly use, depending on the type of racing they want to do and the availability of the location. A ‘meet’ will be scheduled for a specific date, usually a Sunday. At the meet on the day, there will be a number of different individual races run. Each race takes approximately half an hour. There are two types of races: ‘lap’ and ‘rally’. Lap races involve riding the bikes around a set course and covering a certain number of laps to completion. Rally races involve riding over a longer distance and over many different road types (often dirt tracks). Each rally race has a set of directions that are given to the racers so they know where they are to race. Once a meet has been scheduled and the list of races for that day advertised, the club requires members (and non-members) to register for a particular race in advance. Obviously members can be involved in more than one race on the day if they choose. Lists of the participants of each race are produced for the race day. Once the day is completed, the winner of each race is recorded for future reference.


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