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Assignment Marking Scheme Problem/question Marks allotted Assessment Scheme • 5 marks for development of website _A 30 • 5 Marks for security concerns for the site • 10 Marks for marketing campaigns • 10 Marks for maintenance Issues B 20 The assessment criteria for the presentation are attached herewith Total 50 Task 1: (a) Create a small website using a free webhosting (e.g. for a e-commerce model. You can select any e-commerce model and select a revenue model for your website. 5 Marks Identify the security concerns for your e-commerce application. 5 Marks Describe a marketing strategy for your application. You can set up a marketing campaign and analyse the effectiveness of the campaign using google analytics. 10 Marks Highlight the issues/challenges that you faced for the maintenance of the website. [10 Marks] Task 2: Please present you work in a group. The assessment criteria for the presentation are attached herewith. [20 Marks] Guidelines for Task 1: It is expected that you will submit a soft copy of a report on task 1. The report can have a maximum 3 pages. The report can have the following sections: 1. Title of the application/project • Title of the project • UL of the project • Team members 2. E- Commerce Model [one paragraph] 3. Security Concerns [ideally in two paragraphs] 4. Marketing Strategy [maximum one page] 5. Maintenance Issues [maximum one page] 3 IPage


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