BSBDIV601 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

Complete the following activities:1.Participate in a meeting with the CEO (your assessor).As the General Manager of the company you have been asked to coordinate development of the company’s new diversity policy and procedures. Review the case study information prior to meeting with the CEO to discuss initial requirements.During the meeting, the CEO will discuss the organisation’s requirements for diversity policy and procedures with you, as well as existing practices in relation to diversity. Please note: Your assessor will advise in class of the date and time of the meeting.2.Write a diversity briefing report.Following the meeting, you will be required to conduct research to assist in the development of the policy and procedures and write a briefing report on your research. Your briefing report should, as a minimum, addresses the following:Purpose of the report, including current company position on diversity and existing policies and procedures that need to be taken into account. Australian diversity facts and figures including:oAustralia’s multicultural society, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and percentage of people born overseas and major countries of originoReligions oAge structure oDemographics of those with a disability and types of disability
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