BU7407 Management Research in Action Organizational Issue or Problem


1.Select, evaluate and apply critical management thinking to an organisational issue or problem

2.Critically evaluate the techniques and processes used to investigate an important organisational issue or problem

3.Synthesize, interpret and present information to arrive at a coherent conclusion

4.Critically evaluate the implications and impact of the findings and recommendations presented, for both organisation and self

Students are required to produce an individually-assessed research project, undertaking management research that is action-orientated based on one of the following four approaches*:

 1) Consultancy project

 2) Empirical research

 3) Library/secondary research

 4) Opportunity recognition/entrepreneurship

*Please note, writing a masters management research project report may be based either on pre-existing secondary data or from the data collected from the above choices. Pre-existing data must be analysed and interpreted in an original (new and/or different) way in order to generate new knowledge. The chosen approach needs to be signed off by the module leader at proposal stage.

Independently undertake and write up an original piece of management research, in which you will develop the following skills:

  • To provide students with the skills to develop the work from an existing research proposal into a piece of rigorous management research or an organisation-specific project using secondary or primary data, as negotiated with their supervisor
  • To provide students with the skills to write up an extended piece of research, demonstrating academic rigour, including consideration of methodological and ethical issues associated with the programme of academic research or the organisation specific project
  • To enhance students’ project planning, presentation, critical reflection and analysis skills

The task will require you to:

  • Undertake an in-depth investigation of a management topic around a specific business issue of your choice
  • Develop a detailed understanding of contemporary management theorising in your chosen subject area
  • Demonstrate the management research skills you developed during BU7406 in gathering or generating and analysing empirical data
  • Manage a complex and substantial management project, with a focus on critical application and evaluation
  • Contribute to the mastery of your knowledge understanding to a particular area and business issue

Specific Criteria/Guidance

Please refer to the dissertation handbook for full details of how to undertake your research project and what should be included in it.

Refer to the marking criteria below which sets out the standards against which your research project will be assessed.

Key Resources

Please refer to the dissertation handbook for an extended reading list.

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