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Task You are required to complete a detailed analysis concerning the following issues:  Land Securities Group plc a. Download the historical prices  for one year only, from 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2015, and then calculate the daily returns based on ‘close’ prices (column E). The daily return is calculated as the close price at the end of the day minus the close price for the preceding day and this is then divided by the close price from the preceding day and expressed as a percentage. This can be expressed in an equation, or formula, as (P1 – P0) / P0, where P1 is the close price today and P0 the close price for the preceding day.  Plot the daily returns for the year 2015 (around 250 observations) and calculate the descriptive statistics (mean, mode, median, variance, covariance and frequency distribution). Also comment on the overall result. (40% indicative weighting)   PKB Limited b. The case study relates to a company, PKB Ltd, that is currently considering an expansion of its product range and a possible marketing campaign. Prepare a report on the planned© University College of Estate Management 2016 Page 4 of 8investment that uses payback, NPV and IRR and also shows how the marketing campaign would affect the viability of this project. (40% indicative weighting)  c. Discuss how the risk in this project could be incorporated into your calculations and identify which of the assumptions made in the case study is the most critical for the viability of the project.


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