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Scenario You have been asked to observe, advise and act as a Consultant to the Sales Director of a medium – sized company operating in the pharmaceutical sector of the UK economy. The company is about to launch a new product that it hopes will soon become a market leader in its particular niche. As a consequence the sales force, both management and field personnel will face major challenges over the launch period and subsequent sell – in Your Task Write a report where you will; (1) Explain and analyse the main environmental factors that might affect a new product launch and the role of the sales force in ensuring that the launch and its role – out programme is a success (20%) (2) Explain how the sales team can benefit from a full review of training, both in sales technique and new product knowledge (3) Devise a recruitment and training program for the company based on their desire to expand their sales operations and to maximise revenue from this new product launch ( 20%) (4) Describe the likely barriers to the successful implementation of such a program that would be encountered and suggest how they might be overcome (20%) (5) Suggest a suitable measurement and reward scheme that would allow the organization to monitor the success or otherwise of its new sales strategy (20%) NOTE This should be in the format of a professional business report, so we would expect to see an Executive Summary and clear and concise recommendations for future action.


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