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Identify two organisations in an industry of your choice. Theseorganisations must have clearly different value chain designs andstructures. It is recommended that one should be based around apurely physical product or products (a Good) and the other anintangible product or products (a Service).For these two organisations, complete a case study analysis thattreats the following:1. Describe, compare and contrast a primary CustomerBenefits Package from each firm.2. From both the customer’s and management’s viewpoints,compare and contrast the value chain design andstructure for the two organisations. You should includediscussion on the advantages and disadvantage of eachvalue chain design?Analyse the two different organisations relative to how they definetheir operations strategy in different ways. In doing so you shoulddefine each firm’s strategic vision, strategy, and competitive priorities.You should also clearly identify what operations management have tobe good at to make the organisation a success?AssessmentcriteriaRefer to the Rubric associated with this assessment. This can befound in the students My Grades area of the PRBM034 Learnline site.


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