EAT227 Manufacturing Process|Economic

ask3: Economic and Environmental Impacts of Material and Manufacturing Process SelectionThis is an open-ended exercise which allows lots of scope for personal interpretation.Three materials are proposed as the likely candidates for a car component. These are:1.Low Alloy Steelshaped via Rolling(a deformation process)2.Age Hardening Aluminium Alloyshaped via Extrusion (a deformation process)3.Carbon fibre reinforced polymer(CFRP)shaped via Resin Transfer MouldingThe choice of material will affect:(a)the cost of the component(b)the manufacturing process used to shape the component(c)the mass of the component(assume 20kg for steelcomponent, 12kg for aluminiumcomponent, 7 kg for CFRPcomponent)(d)the environmental impact of the component (in terms of energy and CO2) over its whole life cycle(e)the fuel consumed over the lifetime of the vehicle(f)any other variables which you consider importantUse the Level 2 CES databases and the CES Eco-Audit tool to investigate the relative impacts of the above factors [(a)through (f) above]associated with the use of this component within a car with a usable life of 20 years and that travels within the UK:i.5,000 km paii.10,000 km paiii.25,000 km paiv.50,000 km paMake whatever reasonable assumptions you feel appropriate, but do specify these.Examples might include manufacturing batch size, fuel costs, component transport mode to end user etc.Report on your findings.
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