HEA542 Informing Practice With Evidence- Gather equipment and PPE required

1. Perform hand hygiene on entry into the patient zone.

2. Explain the procedure to the patient and gain verbal consent from patient or person responsible (consider using interpreter service and communication aids if necessary).If patient or environment was touched, perform hand hygiene.
• Male catheterisation: Some clinicians may prefer to insert lignocaine (Step 14) before Step 3. Before inserting lignocaine, clean the urethral meatus and ensure that hand hygiene is performed before and after this step.

3. Clean the trolley. Perform hand hygiene. Gather equipment and PPE required for the procedure. Ensure that a suitable receptacle for rubbish is available nearby. Perform hand hygiene.

4. Apply manual handling principles and set the bed at a suitable height for the procedure. Position patient in supine position. Criteria-led catheter removal Clinicians should follow any standing medical order for catheter removal. If no such medical order exists, a clinician should consider the following criteria to determine whether it is suitable to remove the catheter:
• Is there is a documented reason for the catheter to remain in situ?
• Is there is any clinical indication for catheterisation still present?

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