HRM201 Human Resource Management- different kinds of candidate fit such as cultu


You are to research (include the use of references) and analyse the TWO questions below:

Assessment Description

Question 1:

Discuss why it is important for an organisation to plan for its future human resources needs. Using industry examples demonstrate how planning for short term needs is different compared to planning for long term needs, you can use examples from the case studies we look at in class.

Question 2:

Explain the recruitment process. We consider five different kinds of candidate fit such as cultural, motivational, qualifications, experience, and ability, discuss ONE of these and explain how an employer can increase the chance of finding the right employee for the organisation.

Learning Outcomes:

1: Understand the organisational role and context of HRM.

2: Describe and demonstrate how HRM can contribute to the achievement of strategic and operational organisational objectives

3: Understand contemporary issues in managing human resources and discuss their influence on HRM

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