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ITICT102A WEEK 4 Individual Assignment 1 1. Assignment 1 (2 Marks, Due week 4) Create a Python program for a Mobile Phone Call Calculator based on the following tariffs – Peak and OffPeak. Connect FeeCall Charge per 30 secondsPeak40 c80 cOffPeak20 c40 c Inputs will be (i) Peak or OffPeak tariff, and (ii) Call Duration in Minutes and Seconds. Note: Call duration is rounded off to the next 30 seconds and charged on a per 30-second basis (e.g. a call of duration 4 min 20 sec will be rounded to 4 min 30 sec, and charged as nine (9) 30-second units). Ensure that you use meaningful variable names, that you code is properly indented where applicable, that you have added comments so as to document sections of code that have a particular responsibility, and that you code works without error. SUBMISSION: Submit your program via Moodle in Week 4 through the submission link provided.


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