INF30005 Business Process Management-management and staff of the organisation


Your client has commissioned you to analyze their core business process. The description of the wine sales processes has been provided to you (in the appendix). Assignment 1, you are required to provide a review (aimed at the management and staff of the organisation) on:

Analysing the current business process(es) – the prospective problems/issues of the existing processes and brief analysis of improvements by using best practices (at this stage, please do not consider technologies and automation). Please note that there are many issues/problems in the current process. Assignment 1 is an individual effort, so you should list all major problems/issues, but only need to pick up Three (3) that you consider the most essential to discuss. You should discuss these three problems selected, providing your reasoning (such as: What are the
problems/issues? Why they are the key problems/issues? Why need to consider fixing them? What are some of the opportunities after solving these problems/issues? If you do not fix them, what are some of the impacts on their business?) You must use references to support your arguments. For each issue selected, state the Best Practices (please check lesson 3 overview for details) you will apply (you should consider at least 2 best practices for each problem/issue so that you can compare). For each Best Practice, describe how it is applied, explain, also how your solution solves or improves the problem identified. The final selected best practices for each problem, can be summarized in a table
using the following format:

The issue being considered.
Best Practice(s) employed. Choose from the Best Practices discussed in the lectures.
Describe how the Best Practice is applied to the process and how it addresses the problems.
Describe the possible advantages and any other issues addressed at the same time.
Any disadvantages.

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