LA2001 Tort Law|Unarticulated Principles

Youmust answer theseCOMPULSORY questionsabout the article N.A. Moreham, ‘Unpacking the reasonable expectation of privacy test’.1.(a)What are the two “unarticulated principles” about the reasonable expectation of privacy which Morehamas identified from the case law, and how does she employ them in her article?(b)Morehamchooses to adopt the term “reasonable expectation of privacy protection”. Explain why she has added the word protection, giving case law and hypothetical examples.(c)Surreptitious observation and the way that the material was stored or communicated are two factors which Morehambelieves can be important determining misuse of private information cases. Explain, giving examples.(d)In your opinion, is Moreham’s approach to the reasonable expectation of privacy test anadequate one? What issues do you see as particularly problematic about it?
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