MBA600 Capstone Strategy- both theory and practice


Individually, you are required to record a 10-minute video, in which you must briefly describe an organisation, analyse its environment, and then identify and analyse its competitive advantage. Please note that you will be required to use the same organisation in the second assessment.

Assessment Description.

In this individual assessment, students will be given an opportunity to focus all their previous MBA learning (both theory and practice) to describe and analyse a successful real-world organisation concerning its development of a sustainable competitive advantage.

Assessment Instructions

Individually, choose for analysis an organisation of from the alternatives in the list provided. It should be of interest or relevance to you, your current position and/or your MBA specialisation. The workshop facilitator will provide the list at the end of the week 2 class. Please note that if you focus on any other organisation than the one your workshop facilitator provides, your submission will receive a grade of zero.

Assuming the role of an organisational consultant, you are to apply your strategic thinking skills by researching the organisation and analysing the factors that clearly identify and explain its competitive advantage.

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