MGMT3021 Literature Review|Topic

Conduct a literature review on the selected topic and discuss various issues in relation to the topic. Then, select a major industrial disaster (Piper Alpha, Longford, Moura Mines, Bhopal, Deepwater Horizon, Kings Cross fire, etc.) that can be used to further direct evidence towards your argument. In this discussion, you need to detail the disaster (What happened? When and Where? How and why did it happened? Were there any contributing factors? What was the aftermath?) and discuss how a greater attention or better implementation of the issue that you have selected (the topic) would have helped in managing the risks or preventing the disaster. Conclude your discussion with a best practice recommendation for the topic selected.Include references to any legal requirements, government policies and procedures in relation to your occupational health and/or safety management topic, for the country or state in which you live, that must be met in relation to your chosen topic. Include at least 10 published literature references for the topic selected (additional references need to be included for the major disaster). Maximum number of words: 3000 (not including the reference list)
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