MHRM21T2 Human Resource Management

To set the scene:  

You are currently the HR Director within the organisation (XYX Sdn Bhd) of 500 staff and represented  in the Agriculture sector; specific to Vertical Farming – or you may use your actual role now as a senior  HR Manager.  

The Executive Committee in your organization has decided to take steps to replace the COO. The CEO has approached you – the HR Director, to confidentially start the process of analyzing the succession  status for the COO.

Specifically, the CEO has requested:

  1. A review of the history and performance status of the current management team (see below)  to assess the current pipeline. {suggest using the 9-box method}  
  2. An outline of key critical factors that should be included in a business case for replacing the  COO {suggest using the business case template provided earlier in the course as a guideline}  
  3. Write a short proposal paper with an executive summary that would then become the  introduction of an email to the CEO summarizing the succession potential of the current  managers and the key business case considerations. {summarizing points 1 & 2 above}  

Prepare the executive summary and the full succession planning proposal with validation and support  of the plan.

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