MSMI 698 Marketing Strategy and Action Plan


Identify and briefly discuss three ways your firm has adapted its marketing strategy, either its aspiration (STP) or its action plan (marketing mix), in response to the pandemic. Be sure to identify, as I do in the provided example, what part of the formation process. Ask one substantive question about the reading Answer two substantive questions posted by your classmates about the reading Your goal for this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the material.
You want to provide complete but concise answers and you want to answer questions that allow you to demonstrate your thinking. Here is my example of what a B-level – a good-enough – answer would look like: Marketing mix product: Pitt State has adjusted class formats to adhere to social distancing guidelines and to accommodate at-risk faculty.
Marketing mix product: We’ve adjusted semester schedule by moving fall break to the Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving in order to reduce possibility of post Thanksgiving gatherings spread of the virus. Marketing mix promotion: Instead of doing the big Rumble in Jungle recruiting event, we are doing a virtual event.
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