NUR2300 Evidence Based Nursing Practice: Falls Prevention


Brief task description

You are to respond to a clinical scenario by applying the key concepts of evidence-based nursing practice.

Rationale for assessment task

Contemporary nursing practice requires the use of evidence to improve health outcomes for patients, families, and populations. It is important for nursing students to understand the relationship between the generation of evidence and the delivery of safe and effective nursing care.

Task detail

You are on placement in a facility which has recently experienced a higher than usual incidence of falls among patients. Because the causes of falls within the facility have been varied, the facility wishes to identify a range of effective falls prevention interventions as part of a falls prevention program. You are asked to systematically search the literature and identify a range of high-quality studies reporting on interventions for falls prevention. 

Using the following A’s of Evidence Based Practice, you are to:

  • Acquire the literature by using a structured search strategy adapted as appropriate for various research databases (e.g. Google Scholar, PubMed; CINAHL; PsycINFO) to identify evidence that will inform your response to the research question. You are to report and justify your search strategy.

Appraise the quality of studies by grouping according to their position on the NHMRC Level of Evidence and comment on implications of study quality.

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