NUR3020 Professional Transitions

Please refer to the case study below andthe recording on study desk in Assessment Tab1b. The case study highlights key areas in the ethical decisionmaking capacity of the Registered Nurse in a ward environment. Assignment 1a developed a critical evaluation of the ethical principles arising from the case study relating to the conduct of the Enrolled Nurse. The evaluation gathered knowledge of the key areas of professional judgement in resolving conflict and identified professional decisions utilised by the Registered Nurse. Your Nurse Unit Manager seeks a presentation that could be providedat an upcoming Symposium at the Hospital. He provides you with 5 articles that he requires you to use in the presentation. He asks youtoprepare and record aVoiceover power pointpresentation that:Provides a synopsis of professional responsibilities, duty of careand ethical issues arisingfrom the Case Study and the literature reviewed, Discuss the implications forthe Registered Nurse in resolving the professional conflict, and;Clearly articulate the strategies used by the Registered Nurse in seeking a resolution.
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